Reduce High Blood Pressure with Magnetic Bracelets

High-Blood PressureMagnetic therapy or the use of magnets in healing is believed to be effective in treating different kinds of pain. This has been practiced by people way back in the past, and now in this present time, the demand for magnetic bracelets as an alternative medicine has taken everyone by storm. One of the most common condition suffered by many people nowadays is high blood pressure. And this has affected the life of individuals in many ways.

High Blood Pressure
Our heart, though small is a strong pump that steadily beats throughout the life of a person. It circulates five liters of blood throughout the body in a minute. The small vessels in which the blood goes through create resistance to the flow of the blood. The pressure that is needed for the blood to circulate is created as a result of the pumping heart against the resistance. Blood circulation is vital for the nourishment of the different major organs in the body like kidney, heart, brain and liver. This circulation provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for life. Thus, everyone needs a blood pressure in order to maintain proper circulation.

The Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure that the heart produces when it contracts. On the other hand, when the heart relaxes  it produces diastolic pressure- the lowest pressure. The following pressures are both important to determine the danger of stroke and heart attack. The normal pressure for a young individual is around 130 over 80. The systolic pressure is 130, while the diastolic pressure is 80. Oftentimes, we think that the blood pressure is excessive when it is 160 over 100.

Understanding Better
Magnetic BraceletBlood pressure has been considered as a vital part in the life of every person while high blood pressure may be considered a threat. When there is a permanent raise in the blood pressure, it may lead to a higher tendency for the blood vessels to be damaged. There will also be blood clot which may lead to stroke, kidney failure, and heart attack. One in every six people is affected by high blood pressure. Aside from very rare exceptions, high blood pressure has no cure. This can be lowered with the help of hypertensive drug, but stopping the medication will cause the blood pressure to rise again.

When it comes to high blood pressure, doctors often have their first method of treatment with the use of diuretics. This has an aim of getting rid of the excess fluids for the blood pressure to reduce. However, in addition to this treatment is the use of magnetic bracelets. This high blood pressure will be reduced when wearing a magnetic strap or magnetic bracelet on the wrist. This is the location of the radial artery. Magnetic bracelets have a magnetic field and when this is applied on top of the radial artery, the magnetism is distributed and absorbed rapidly throughout the body. As a result, there is an improved flow of blood around the heart and the body. The circulation system then receives an increased supply of oxygen which results to an increased oxygenation of tissues and organs. When there is an increased oxygenation, the heart need not to pump for many times. Having this, the workload of the heart is reduced which also reduces high blood pressure automatically.


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